PBS Series
Art Direction & Design
What’s Good



2018 Webby Award Winner, Best Film and Video, in the Science & Education Category for PBS Kids.

Watch it here.

“Join us for What’s Good, a six-part PBS series designed for parents where inspiration and information meet the power of science. Each episode ventures to a new location to meet people from various backgrounds – dancers, poets, musicians, artists, athletes, chefs, conservationists and scientists – and connects their knowledge and talents to a simple, real-world lesson in the area of science.”

Art direction & design: Dougan Khim

Sponsored by: PBS, PBS for Parents, PBS Digital Studios, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Illinois Film Office, U.S. Department of Education

Art Direction
:30 Spot

Concept, design, and edit by Dougan Khim.

Taksu Gallery / Havas Annex Singapore
Creator and Director
Who Else But Us? - Promos



Promo for Brandon Breaux’s art exhibition, “Who Else But Us?” at Taksu Gallery in Singapore. Sponsored by Havas Annex Singapore and Kilo Lounge.

Brandon Breaux documentary coming soon.

Created and directed by Dougan Khim.

Special thanks to Messie and Harun.
Sony Playstation
Art Direction
Paint for Playstation VR

Art Direction by Dougan Khim

Motion Test

Performance, Animation, & Editing Experimentation.

Self-portrait performance.

Created at the SAIC FVNM Undergraduate Program. Edited with found footage from the Korean War.

Music: "Pole Dancer" - Jiin