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What’s Good



2018 Webby Award Winner, Best Film and Video, in the Science & Education Category for PBS Kids.

Watch it here.

“Join us for What’s Good, a six-part PBS series designed for parents where inspiration and information meet the power of science. Each episode ventures to a new location to meet people from various backgrounds – dancers, poets, musicians, artists, athletes, chefs, conservationists and scientists – and connects their knowledge and talents to a simple, real-world lesson in the area of science.”

Design: Dougan Khim, Brandon Breaux

Sponsored by: PBS, PBS for Parents, PBS Digital Studios, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Illinois Film Office, U.S. Department of Education

Sony Playstation
Art Direction
Transcend Your Medium - Paint for Playstation VR

Art Direction by Dougan Khim

Motion Test

Performance, Animation, & Editing Experimentation.

Self-portrait performance.

Created at the SAIC FVNM Undergraduate Program. Edited with found footage from the Korean War.

Music: "Pole Dancer" - Jiin